New Mexico's Unit 16B is that portion of GMU 16 beginning at the junction of USFS road 152 and the Grant-Sierra county line southwest of Board Gate Saddle, then north along the Grant-Sierra county line to Reeds Peak and the Continental Divide, thence north along the Continental Divide to its intersection with USFS trail 42, then west along FT 42 to its junction with FT 40 at Diamond creek, then west along FT 40 and Diamond Creek to USFS Road 225 (old USFS road 19), then southwest along FR 225 (old FR 19) to its junction with FR 18, then northwest along FR 18 to its junction with FR 704, then west along FR 704 to FT 772, then northwesterly along FT 772 to Black Mountain, then west from Black Mountain along FT 812 to its intersection with the south fork of Christie Canyon and the wilderness boundary, then west along the wilderness boundary to Snow Creek, then south along Snow Creek to Gilita Creek, then west along Gilita Creek to Willow Creek, then west along Willow Creek to FT 138, then westerly along USFS trail 138 to USFS trail 182, then south and east on USFS trail 182 to its junction with FT 224 at West Fork Saddle, then south along USFS trail 224 and down the west fork of Mogollon Creek to its junction with Mogollon Creek, then easterly along Mogollon Creek to FT 158 at Woodrow Canyon, then southeast along FT 158 to Turkey Creek, then south along Turkey Creek to the Gila River, then east along the Gila River to Sapillo Creek, then east along Sapillo Creek to NM 35, then east along NM 35 to its intersection with FR 152, then northeast along FR 152 to its junction with the Sierra-Grant county line southwest of Board Gate Saddle.

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